20 October 2009


In the midst of chaos, it is often easy to see only the negatives that the sun illuminates when it rises in the morning. Let us try to account for those negatives and deal with them, but focus on the wonder of the illumination itself. The rising sun is a constant. In a world where uncertainty is a given...the sun remains the same, allowing us to go along in its light.

"My sun sets to rise again." - Robert Browning

19 October 2009

Internal Dealings and External Coverage

As many may know, the Butler University Campus is thrumming with news about Butler's current lawsuit against junior, Jess Zimmerman. However, surely to the chagrin of at least some Butler Administrators, the chaos is not contained within the picturesque park-like campus, but is getting outside coverage.

Information, from those close to the situation, about the lawsuit and related matters can be found by visiting The Butler Underground, Jess Zimmerman's Blog, and The Butler Collegian Online.

Such coverage is to be expected, of course, but the story is bursting onto the scene in other arenas, bringing publicity to a matter that President Bobby Fong wished to deal with "internally from here on out."(Student confirms, 'I am Soodo Nym')

It seems as if, quite possibly, the push to deal with this situation internally has inadvertently brought the issue out into the open, just as Jess Zimmerman's now famous blog tried to do with campus issues last year.

Outside coverage of the matter is cropping up all over., Inside Higher Ed,, The Huffington Post, and Student Press Law Center are among those reporting, surely to be joined by others in the near future.

The story continues to unfold and develop and with a symposium on "Free Speech and Civil Discourse" scheduled for tomorrow, community involvement continues to increase.

The symposium is being held Tuesday, October 20, at 5:30 pm in PB 156. Stephant Laurent (Dance), Michael Vance (Pharmacy), and Bill Watts (English) are said to be among those who will be speaking at the gathering. All faculty and students are invited.