20 September 2011

Love Conquers Hate

This day, September 20, 2011, marks a great victory for LOVE in the war against hate.  We've come a very long way and this is fantastic news for all of us.  ALL OF US.  We mustn't let this blind us to the fact that we've still got a long way to go.  From moment to moment, we each get a new chance to fight for what is good.  For what is right.  

May we always remember to love first.

 Love     God.  
Love Each Other.
Love Ourselves.
Love Equality.

Stay classy*,

*And don't rest on your laurels because the United States of America just got classier.

07 September 2011

The Critical Corner: Why God Why?: I can't even think of a title....

Welcome back to the long-neglected "WHY, GOD, WHY?" segment of NftLS.  There are so many things to say about what's going on here...but I'm not saying them right now for a few reasons.

1.  I'm tired.
2.  I don't have time.
3.  Normal people...wait...goofy people like me too...PEOPLE KNOW WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS. Words from me right now aren't really necessary.
4.  I have words to say though, shocker, and maybe I'll say them later when I'm less tired and have more time.

Prepare yourself.

Stay classy*,

*Steps toward classiness:
1.  Don't dress your 3-year-old daughter like a hooker...and then defend your stupidity.
2.  Repeat.