17 August 2011

LTVlog_05: My Fake Contact Sheet

LTVlog_04: Standup, and Red Bull, and Matt...OH MY!

Sorry guys.  Just realized as I was finishing up the most recent LTVlog that I forgot to put up the last one.  I seriously doubt and hope that your lives were not ruined by this oversight of mine.

Without further it is.

Stay Classy,

02 August 2011

Kiwanis Club Commercial

I just now realized that I never put up the new commercial that I'm in on my blog.  I put it on Facebook and Twitter...but sometimes I'm a goof and I forget that I have this blog too.  I'm working on that.  HaHa.

Without further ado.  Do more...with Kiwanis.

HaHa, okay.  Well, in going to youtube to get this video, I found that someone really doesn't like the commercial.  They're entitled to their opinion, of course.  No doubt about that.  But it should be noted that I officially gave their negative opinion a "thumbs down" on youtube.  Take that you Debbie Downer!